A Toy and a High Chair!

Despite the fact that Jace chose to barely sleep last night, today was a great day!

The day started out with a very long play session involving the swaddle blanket in the picture.  Touching it, pulling it, hiding under it.  It was pretty exciting. 104_3363

Adam put Jace up on his shoulders and Jace grabbed on – to Adam’s hair!104_3369

After a nap, we went to Costco for paper towels, tortellini, and free samples.  Then it was nap time again.  After the next nap, we headed out to do some errands.  Aunt Marian played with Jace while I got my hair cut – and Jace had a great time!  When we got home, we got the high chair out for the first time and played with the new toy (it suction cups to the high chair tray – very cool).  Jace loved the whole experience!
104_3374 104_3372

New Toy, New High Chair

After bath time, Adam got Jace lotioned and dressed (no tears!) and Jace was in a great mood for his bedtime story.  104_3386

And now he’s sleeping soundly!  Such a great day!


4 thoughts on “A Toy and a High Chair!

  1. Hmmm… this explains a lot. My kids had a primitive version of that toy. It stuck to the highchair tray, but it was just a soft plastic clown head. All they could do was punch it and it would squeak a little and bob back and forth. To this day, they suffer from lack of early stimulation. 😦

  2. It’s all true! It was a great day! I am having so much fun here! Jace is a sweet baby!!!!!! The high chair was very exciting, but the best part of my day was the hair cut because I got to stay with Jace in the waiting room ALL BY MYSELF and he didn’t cry!! He played the entire time and we had fun.

    • Hurray for haircut day! Hurray for Marian amusing Jace! I know I felt great if I had Jace and he was happy! You are a great Auntie, and who got a cut? SallyRose or Adam? Pictures please?!

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