The Jace Update!

Jace went on two adventures today.

We went to the pediatrican’s office for a height/weight/head size check.  It’s been 6 weeks since his 4 month check up and, due to travel, we won’t be going in for his 6 month check up for another month, so we thought we’d swing by and see how he’s doing.  At his one month check up, Jace was in the 2nd percentile for height, weight, and head size.  And now?!

Height – 26.25 inches – 50th percentile
Weight – 18.5 pounds – 75th percentile
Head Size – 43.75 cm – 75th percentile

Yay Jace!

We also went to Olan Mills today.  Our Olan Mills offers a free portrait package for babies under six months of age.  The photographer we had was so nice and patient!  She would have played with poses and backgrounds all day, I think, but we needed to get home for nap time….  Below are a few of my favorite pictures.  He’s adorable!

Jace3 Jace5 Jace6 Jace7   Jace18 Jace19


3 thoughts on “The Jace Update!

  1. So, WHAT was so funny that had him laughing so much? Was he telling jokes? “Three babies crawl into a bar, and the first one says…” Please ask him how that joke ends. It’s a mystery to me.

    Anyway, totally cute pictures of a boy who is growing so fast, I have no idea what size clothes he wears. Hint, hint.

    • Lugs, you are so funny! How do you come up things like this?! And, I’m pretty sure it was a WINE bar, not a whine bar, with classy babies, sweback toast, and the finest milks!

  2. Gee,that little guy was having a great ole time! What super pictures. I like the whine bar joke! You guys are funny. I’m up in the middle of the night because tomorrow I get to see Jace and I can’t sleep….Rod just woke up and asked me if it’s like Christmas Eve for me! Yup, it is!!! I am so excited.

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