4 Months – Adjusted

Jacen is 4 months old (adjusted age) today!  Look how tight that 4 month onesie got!  104_3348 104_3017104_3354 2104_3352

In other news, Marriott now offers a “Tots Travel Too” program where they provide a pack’n’play, outlet covers, bibs, and other baby stuff at most of their hotels.  I have a bunch of Marriott vouchers that are about to expire (non-transferable, sigh), so I figured we’d go stay at the Marriott across the street to check it out before our trip to Idaho.  Seemed like a good idea, but then we decided that a sleepless night at a hotel didn’t really sound like fun.  SO!  I checked in to the hotel, looked at the pack’n’play, and checked out 5 minutes later.  On my way out, I asked if they have any “bath essentials” for babies because the website says they provide them.  And look what I got!  Definitely essential for a bath!  I was going to crop the picture, but I think Jace’s toes are cute!104_3355 104_3358104_3359


3 thoughts on “4 Months – Adjusted

  1. Checked in and checked out? Did they charge for that? That is such a fun set of animals! Do they squirt? And yes, his toes are cute!
    be & t

  2. Oh! Very essential!!! I see the little cow and the pig and the penguin…but WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? Hahahahahahahha. He looks like he likes to hold them! And put them in his mouth! Mom’s idea of squirting toys sounds really fun!!!! Of course, not in his little face, but he might like a squirt toy!!! Yay I can’t wait to see him. IS EVERYONE ELSE JEALOUS????? I bet you are!!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  3. you should use up those marriott vouchers in austin, if you don’t want to stay with us…you could leave jace with us, and YOU could get some sleep!!

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