Guess Who’s Best at Making Jace Smile?


So, who’s best at making Jace smile?  It’s Jace!  He loves his reflection!

Tub Time!
Last night during bath time, Adam was trying to help Jace wash under his chin.  Jace thought it was hilaaarious!

Not Quite Cooing
I don’t know what cooing sounds like.  I’ve been asked several times if Jace is cooing yet.  I don’t know!  So, I took a video of him talking.  He’s pretty vocal in the mornings.  I don’t think this is cooing.   Adam thinks it’s proof that we’ve watched “What Does the Fox Say” on youtube a few too many times….

Smiling in the Swing
Adam and I were changing the sheets on the bed, so we put Jace in the swing for a second.  And he was so happy – without us entertaining him at all!


2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Best at Making Jace Smile?

  1. What a smiley baby you have! Next thing you know, he’ll be talking. Mama, Dada, can I borrow the car, I want pizza, etc. He’s adorable!

  2. I loooooove that we havent had video posts in awhile and now bam! Videos to our hearts content! I love that you’ve captured sooo much happiness and shared it! I think his first word is coming soon!

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