Happy Halloween!


In pre-October 31st news, Jace tried to open his own mail….
….and he dressed accordingly to watch Boston beat the Cardinals.
104_3227 104_3233

And now Halloween stuff!

Last night Adam and I carved pumpkins.  Adam was so sweet – while I was getting Jace to bed, he cleaned out both pumpkins so we were ready for carving!  Hurray!104_3298 104_3302

Tonight, Jace was a NINJA TURTLE!  AND WE WENT TRICK OR TREATING!  Our neighbors are awesome.  They said they had a special treat for Jace and gave us the bag in the picture.  When we came home and opened it, there were a few pieces of candy and baby booties with frogs!  They really did buy a special treat just for him!104_3286

We took a ton of costume pictures.  Jace showed off both sides of his costume….
104_3268 104_3260

….although he was not a fan of the bandana.
104_3261 104_3262

Not quite sure why a Ninja Turtle has a cape, but we took an action shot anyways….
….and Jace helped Adam hand out candy to the trick or treaters.
104_3282  104_3291

All in all, a very fun night!  Happy Halloween!104_3277


5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Oh that was such a scary poster! I was so worried what it was that was screaming in the night and had to be fed! I thought it was Adam! Jace looks so cute in all his costumes! I love the pumpkin costume the best, but I know Adam is partial to the ninja! Glad you guys had such a great first halloween. It is a super holiday for kids! You’ll have such great times to come! Love you guys, and see you soon.

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