Trick or Treat

USE CAUTION WHEN VIEWING THIS POST.  The amount of absolute adorableness in this picture-intensive post could be a little bit overwhelming!

Tonight was “Freaky Friday Fright Nite” in our town.  Local businesses set up trick or treat stands in a park and you could bring your child (age 12 and under, costume required) to the park to trick or treat!

We took a bunch of pictures when we first arrived at the park.  Adam looks great in the first picture.  But look at Jace’s face in the second picture – too cute!  And the third picture is adorable too!  I had a hard time selecting the “best” pictures for this post.  So I pretty much just used them all.  And there’s a lot!
104_3239 104_3240 104_3241 104_3249

There were 34 trick or treat stations.  We only went to two of them.  I know the first picture is blurry (my fault), but I liked that the guy handing out candy was in costume!104_3242 104_3250

My goodness, they’re adorable!
104_3243 104_3245

And I wasn’t the only one who thought so!  Their cuteness drew a crowd!104_3246

We tried again for that elusive family photo….
104_3248 104_3247

When the sun set it started to get a little cooler, so Jace cuddled in close.  104_3251 104_3252

When we got to the car, he sat up front with Daddy and the heater!
Okay, the heater probably wasn’t really necessary.  It really wasn’t that cold.  In fact, Adam turned on the air conditioner as soon as we moved Jace back to the backseat.  But I didn’t want Jace to get chilly!!!!

When we got home, Adam insisted on the obligatory picture with all the candy.  You can tell Adam really had to hold Jace back – he wanted to dive right in!
104_3257 104_3258
And now our little pumpkin is sound asleep!


6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. I am overdosing on cuteness! And look at Jace sitting up by himself! Way to go, Jace! However, what was the temperature? I see people wearing winter jackets, so what was it… 60°? Or maybe 55? Ha!

  2. I can take it! Send more adorable photos… All three of you looked pretty adorable! I’m glad Jace is getting to go out so much! He looked interested in the other people, too! And, he looked interested in cuddling up when it got cold! So adorable. And, really? Was he sitting up by himself or did that just last a second for the photo? And…who ate that candy? He doesn’t have any teeth…..

  3. YAY! I am getting notifications of your posts. THANK YOU! Since he was a pumpkin for this event….what costume will Jace be for Halloween Day? He is the most adorable little guy I have ever seen! TRUE Story! xxxo Love the photos. Thank you for sharing them with all of us! xoxo

  4. I think ALL of your posts need caution warnings- for the level of adorableness that you’re about to view- seriously!!!

    Or-posts that begin with- don’t worry- you don’t have to scroll super slow or take pictures of your screen, cause the posts are archived and don’t go away!! So the cuteness is always here to stay!! But have no fear, more posts to come.. I mean seriously, I read the post and go back and look at pics, oh wait and re look, and re watch videos.. 🙂

    Anyhow! Seriously I can only imagine future Halloween outings! If this Halloween is this cute!!! This little pumpkin is going to love ALL halloweens!!!

    And it seems like a dadly/momly thing to do if you help him out with that all that candy! 😉 I’m glad he has such loving parents! Plus you deserve a little treat!

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