First trip to the mall!

Going out in public with Jace has been hit or miss so far.  Sometimes he’s very calm.  Other times, he’s ready to go back home before we even leave the driveway.  He’s been getting a lot better about wanting to go exploring lately, so we took a trip to the mall to get some supplies.  

It’s finally starting to cool off here in Tennessee, which is good.  It was 80+ degrees in mid-October.  Bleh!  Anyway, we got Jace all hoodied up:



Do you know those big charity displays where you slide your coins in and they spin in a big circle until they go down the hole?  I used to LOVE those as a kid.  Well, they had one set up in the middle of the food court and Jace was HOOKED!  Never before has four cents bought so much joy. 


Jace was doing so well on our outing that we decided that he and mommy deserved some ice cream.  We got it, but then we realized that Jace can’t have ice cream yet.  I, being the caring and compassionate father I am, helped him out with his serving.  He didn’t seem to mind.  He seemed to like taking in all the new sights! 




2 thoughts on “First trip to the mall!

  1. That sounds like the best trip to the mall ever!! It all sounds like such a fun family outing!!
    … Except where someone’s ice cream got confiscated! But I’m glad it was in his best interest. It was probably too cold anyway 😉

  2. Adam, thank you so much for being such a great father…I think eating Jace’s ice cream was the nicest thing I’ve ever heard…….(man, what some people will do for ice cream…). Just kidding. It sounds like a super outting and I am so glad he is getting to see more things. I love that he was fascinated by the coin thingy. Sounds like he is going to be an engineer. Love you guys, keep these posts coming!

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