Feelin’ Dadly

I felt exceptionally “Dadly” a few days back.  I rounded up some of the boys (Jace and Cuervo) and we ran some errands.  This was our first outing together without SallyRose.  We stopped by the bank where Jace made quick friends with the teller.   Then the three of us took off to the park for a walk.  Some poorly timed traffic lights and a sun that kept deciding to shine in his eyes made Jace less than thrilled on the ride there, but once we parked and got into the stroller, he was a happy camper.  Cuervo had a good time too!  We got home and no one was crying when we walked in the door.  I think it was the first time Sally had the house to herself in months!

No new pictures of Jace for this post, but here’s one of Cuervo.





5 thoughts on “Feelin’ Dadly

  1. This sounds AWESOME! And the older he gets, the more fun outings will be. Eventually, he’ll be at that adorable age where, if your stroller or cart moves too close to something in a store, Jace will lean over, pull on it, and ideally, bring a whole stack of slidable things sliding to the floor. It’s always funny and makes storekeepers love you. THEN you’ll get to the age when you can’t pass a toy or candy shelf without, GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Love from EAL (Evil Aunt Leslie)

  2. Yay Daddy! You were totally a good daddy! The park sounded really successful. The unhappiness in the car can totally be belated on that darn sunshine. I bet you and Jace will make all sorts of instant friendships wherever you guys go together. You are both so handsome and well behaved! Yay for SallyRose’s alone time. I am sure she loved it.

    • Belated? Be blamed is what I meant to say… Hummmm no way to correct after it’s posted, huh….dang, now everyone knows I have trouble on the iPad.

  3. I bet Jace loved spending time with just the boys!! What a great outing!
    And I bet Sallyrose appreciated house, cat and her time! You’re simply the dadliest!

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