Jacen Pictures!

Jace is pretty darn cute.
104_3121 104_3126 104_3127 104_3128

He’s been working on his tummy time skills.104_3133

He was extra cute this morning – all talkative and extra smiley – but as soon as I turn the camera on he just focuses on the little blinking green dot on the front of it.  Tricky!

Smiling in the Morning

We tried for another family photo.   104_3164

Jacen rediscovered his tongue….

Another Tongue Video

And here is my favorite picture of the week!104_3191a


3 thoughts on “Jacen Pictures!

  1. Okay, he is sooo cute! And I really like the family photo! I love that little tongue, and soooo want to return to Knoxville! I’ll give you our return dates as soon as we make them. Hoping prices drop…. XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOX

  2. Cute cute cute!!! Adorable adorable adorable!!! Precious precious precious!!! Funny funny funny!!! 😛
    Beautiful family picture!!!!

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