Jace Levelled Up!

There are four possible levels for the straps on Jace’s carseat.  When he first came home from the NICU, he was on level one.  Today we switched him to level three!  I probably should have done it a week ago, but every time I would think of it, he was IN the car seat, and I’d forget by the time I got him out.  Anyways, check out the side-by-side comparison (he outgrew the padded insert)!  He’s getting so big!!!!
IMG_0653 104_3115


2 thoughts on “Jace Levelled Up!

  1. I thought that based upon the title of this post, that Jace was already playing video games and “leveling up”- ya know, passing levels?!?!

    I’m like, wow, way to go Jace! That’s great competition for Adam, and amazing eye- hand coordination and gripping skills! Way to go on developing those skills!!

    Yeah… Love your titles of your posts!!! It always makes me want to read more!

    He’s getting so big!

  2. He looks amazing! He is so big and healthy! But he definitely looks like he needs a new hat! I’ll get some babysoft yarn soon and get working on it! Yay for such a big boy! And Adam, don’t be scared by the competition Tif suggested…you can always cheat! Love yous!

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