He Swaddled the Cat

Well, Adam did it.  He finally swaddled the cat.  He’s been threatening to do it for months and today when Cody decided to take a nap on the swaddle, Adam jumped at the opportunity.
104_3107 104_3109

The focus lately has been SLEEP.  We’re trying to help Jace get the hours of sleep that he’s supposed to have (helps with brain development and a zillion other things).  To do that, we’re trying to get him longer naps during the day and trying so hard to get him to sleep more than 2 hours at a time at night.  We’re getting there….  Kinda….  I think….

We’ve been trying to start a bedtime “routine” – like all the books recommend.  Currently we start with a nightly bath, followed lotion and jammies while listening to lullabies, then the reading of Goodnight Moon, and then it’s off to bed with the help of the twilight turtle and a noise machine (ocean sounds – Adam says he’s going to have beach-induced narcolepsy when he grows up!).

Grandma was here to help out with the reading of Goodnight Moon!104_3099 104_3101

And lastly, we’ve been trying to do more tummy time.  Jace isn’t really a fan of it, but we’re trying to keep it fun.  I’m not sure what kind of expression this is on his face, but Jace is completely adorable, don’t you think?!104_3106


2 thoughts on “He Swaddled the Cat

  1. I think he knows he is being photo bombed by Cuervo and is not pleased…the only way we slept for the first year each time was by putting the kids on the dryer in their car seat and turning it on. Of course, when the alarm went off every 50 min it was bad, but those 35 min of sleep were HEAVEN…

  2. Maybe because he’s soooooo sleep deprived he thought it was Jace. Oh dear you two… Time for a nap! Grab the swaddled cat, ( so you have the swaddle blanket ) please find Jace 😉 , turn on the ocean sounds, and I declare that it’s nap time!


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