3 Months Old – Adjusted

If Jace had been born on his due date, he would be 3 months old today.
His actual age today is 4 and a half months!

2 months adjusted (September 7th) vs. 3 months adjusted (October 7th)
104_2875 104_3095

3 months old (August 23rd) vs. 3 months adjusted (October 7th)104_2735 104_3094

Here are a few videos from about an hour ago.  Apparently Jace likes having his arms put back into sleeves as much as he likes having them taken out of sleeves!  Again, sorry the videos are kinda dark.  We try to keep it low-key before bedtime.  Plus, apparently 2 out of the 5 light bulbs in the nursery are burnt out….  I’ll work on that!

Getting Undressed

Getting Dressed

Jace is Ticklish!



3 thoughts on “3 Months Old – Adjusted

  1. There are so many things I love about these videos, I don’t know where to begin. I’ll keep it short, but I LOVE how he giggles, I love how he’s sort of flirting with his daddy while all this giggling is going on, and I love how he’s chewing on his little fists and thinking about sucking his thumb maybe. SO cute!

  2. It’s so exciting seeing him grow! The picture comparisons are sooo cool!!! He’s getting sooo big!
    And giggly!
    Who knew that sleeves were so funny! His laugh is adorably-contagious! And I love that his laugh captured on video!!

  3. The videos didn’t work on my iPad last night so I had to wait until just now. THEY WERE WORTH THE WAIT!! I love watching Adam change Jace’s clothes. I love the commentary. And the tickles? I could watch that one all day! He loves life!

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