Back Time!

Jace and I have devised a new way of playing on his tummy time mat – back time!  We attach the plastic links to various stuff so he can grab on to them when he feels like it – and his lion friend supervises the whole thing!

104_3073104_3059  104_3067

I tried to get some video, but I think Jace is camera shy.  He’d play with the chains, pull on the link to make the elephant song start, talk and talk, and smile.  Then I’d get out the camera and he’d just lay there staring at his lion!

Elephant Song



2 thoughts on “Back Time!

  1. Oh man is that a cute baby. I know I say that every tiime, but he is so adorable. I love his laugh, I love his smile! I can’t wait to hold him!!!!

  2. Awesome! I loved how he was staring at you and smiled! And then he turned to see what Adam was up to! He looks so happy! XOXOX!

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