Just So Cute!

Adam’s been home a lot more, so we’ve worked at getting Jace to sleep in his pack’n’play instead of in his swing.  He’s actually doing really well with the transition!  This morning Jace and I were hanging out on the couch.  We were playing with the multi-colored, textured chain (it’s a bunch of plastic links that are a perfect size for his little hands).  Well, he was holding onto the orange link with his left hand.  He brought his hands together, grabbed the adjacent link with his right hand, and let go with his left hand!  I’m not sure it was intentional, but it was pretty cool.  Yay Jace!  Other than that, I don’t have a lot to say….  But here are some cute pictures!

Rubbing his eyes – it’s a new thing!104_3041 104_3042

Pretty cute, but he ends up with a really red face.  We have to keep up with nail trimmings really well now, ’cause his little nails get soooo sharp!104_3043

Hanging out with Daddy104_3033 104_3035


6 thoughts on “Just So Cute!

  1. I think there was a step left out on the onsie….we all know he figured it out anyway…..;-) He is so cute. I love how he rubs his eyes. He found them! I love how he looks right into the camera with Adam, too. What cute boys.

  2. That hand exchange was absolutely intentional! Give the kid credit where it’s due!! Seriously, though, he’s AHEAD of his “adjusted” age, I think, for transfering hands. Jace is either going to be an engineer or a… quarterback! xoxo

  3. Cute cute cute!!!

    Eat- check.
    Play- check.
    Sleep- being worked on- do that more- do it now- in short bouts- wish it was more???
    Repeat. Sleep some more right???

    The last pic of Adam and Jace is adorable!!

    Now tell Adam we want a pic of you and Jace!!! ;). Please!!

  4. This blog is amazing. I know it’s a lot of work, but we sure enjoy it! Thanks for keeping us all updated with the stories and photos. xoxox Jace is so adorable. Love and miss you! Ken and Denise

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