Four Months Old!

Jace is four months old today!104_3017

Jace weighs 14 pounds 3 ounces and is 24.25 inches long.
When he was born he was 5 pounds 0 ounces and 18.00 inches long.
He’s growing so much!

The flash was a little bright….104_3009

It appears that his lion is shrinking!
 1 2

Jace is starting to grip things.  He really likes his lion friend because he is super squishy – making it easy for Jace to grab onto him.  Plus, he has very grab-able ears and a grab-able mane!  104_3007

Jacen and His Lion
Check out that gripping action!

Cuddling with His Lion
This one is a little dark, but it’s so cute!  Jace is hugging his lion friend and kinda nibbling on his arm.

Here are some other super adorable pictures from the last two days.

Playing with Grandma104_2993

Flying on My Knees104_2996

Sleeping in Daddy’s Arms104_2999



3 thoughts on “Four Months Old!

  1. These pictures are so cool because his adorable baby face is rapidly becoming an adorable little boy face, with expressions and more grown-up features. Or maybe that’s just my imagination, but I can really see what he’ll look like at 2 and 4 and 6 from these pictures here.

    Also, I just went back and looked at pictures of Adam holding him when he was brand new. Judging by how he fit into one of Adam’s forearms, he was just a little longer than a football. Now, he’s a double arms full! I love the videos!!! Keep ’em coming!! XOXOXOXOXXO

  2. Me too! Me too! I love the videos and the pictures and the commentary!!! It’s the highlight of my day to see this little guy’s face! He is looking so great!!! Leslie is right, you can really see his face developing and he is sooooo handsome! Grandma looks adorable playing with him and Daddy DOES have his hands full, So cute!!!!

  3. I can’t believe he’s already 4 months!
    Love the 1 month vs. 4 month comparison! He’s really gown! The blue on the onesie really brings out his eyes!!! I think the lion is getting smaller…
    Jace’s expression with grandma is tooooo cute!!! And Jace in daddy’s arms looks so content!
    That’s one happy family!!

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