Jace LAUGHED!  And we caught it on video!  It happens at the 0:13 mark.  Listen close!


4 thoughts on “JACE LAUGHED!

  1. He is SOOOOO adorable! And cuddly! And giggly! This is just the beginning, you guys. He will only get more and more fun and funny and entertaining. Yayyyy, Jace!!

  2. Hurray! I was so lucky to be here with you guys for this happy 1st laugh! Soooo exciting! He is so cute, and so much fun! And, he has done it a few more times, on his own! I can’t take my eyes off him, and he is sooo warm and cuddly! You are wonderful parents!

  3. I’m still laughing with him! I’ve watched it over and over and he is so adorable. I love that sound. I think Adam is awful cute, too, when it happens, he says: …Is that a little laugh? I love it. In your laughter, you hold the joy and hope of life. Great Grandma Judith wrote that in a book she signed for me. I think that is how it went, I’ll have to check, but it seems very appropriate now! I love all three of you guys so much!!! I’m so happy Beryl was there to see/hear it too!!! Lucky Grandma!

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