Sitting, Swinging, Strolling, Standing, and Smiling

Jacen does it all!

“Sitting” with Cuervo – and a new way to do tummy time!IMG_1038IMG_1041

Swinging – look how big he’s gotten!  The monkey head is in different positions in the two pictures, but you can still tell how much bigger he is now than when we first brought him home!IMG_1044104_2028

Strolling – Adam and I have both done our fair share of laps around the kitchen/living room with Jace in the stroller when he’s being fussy.  We went to Taste of Turkey Creek, a food tasting event near us, and Jace did some strolling there too.104_2938 104_2939104_2942

Standing – check out those baby leg muscles!104_2935

Standing Up!

Smiling – JACE SMILES!  It’s still kinda rare, and hard to catch on film, but it’s SO CUTE!  Tapping his lower lip seems to make him smile – we found that out when we’d wipe his mouth after he’d drool/spit up.  Now he smiles if he’s full, clean, dry, and happy!IMG_1016 IMG_1019 IMG_1024



5 thoughts on “Sitting, Swinging, Strolling, Standing, and Smiling

  1. He is getting more and more adorable by the day! He has the sweetest little face! And big muscles and a determined disposition!! I love his smile. Pretty soon he’s going to surprise you with a laugh.

  2. WAHT A BEAUTIFUL SMILEY FACE! Oh I love that! those were the best pictures. You can see his smile in his eyes!!! i love it!!!! What a good dog that Cuervo is…he looks very comfy and seems like a really good pillow. the stroll around the taste sounds great, too! Love these pictures!!! Thanks and keep smiling!!!!!!

  3. Wait!!! I hadn’t seen the two videos!!!! OMG he is so sweet! I love the little gurgly noises he makes and he is so smiley!!! And, those standing exercises look like he is really getting stronger! Wow, I am so excited to meet that little guy! Love him! Love you!

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