Tummy Time!

Jacen is doing so well with his head control!  He really likes sitting up and holding hands.  He tolerates tummy time on a flat surface, but not for very long.  Today we played with the mirror while he was doing tummy time and he seemed to like it.  I got cute pictures of him looking into the mirror at his reflection, but they’re all distorted looking (it’s a “baby-safe” flexible mirror), so I’m not posting them! 104_2848 104_2845

His favorite version of tummy time is still adventure style – when he gets to lay with the upper half of his body on an elevated surface (in this case, the changing pad).  He’s getting so strong!

More Tummy Time


2 thoughts on “Tummy Time!

  1. I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Jace is so adorable. He looked like he was looking right into the camera. What a photogenic guy. Yay for so much head control! Good boy, Jace!

  2. I think his superhero mobile is inspiring him to be strong with head control so he can have muscles like hulk, or be agile like Spider-Man, or develop his head/brain muscles like iron man!!!

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