A Day With Daddy

Adam was off from work on Monday and on Wednesday.  I am ridiculously behind on work, so Adam hung out with Jace while I tried to get caught back up.  Here are some pictures from their day.


Jace sat in his bumbo – a “chair” that helps babies sit up before they can do it by themselves – and supervised while Adam worked on making a super hero mobile.104_2816 104_2817

The Mobile in Action

Jace Loves His Mobile

Lastly, a picture of all the men in my life!
(If you were here, Dad, you could be in the picture too).104_2825


3 thoughts on “A Day With Daddy

  1. Coolest mobile EVER! And Jace is looking pretty robust and tough, hangin’ out with his dad. Looks like I’m going to have to figure out a short trip to Tennessee one of these days…

  2. Oh, he definitely liked that mobile! He was so into it! I love how his little legs were pumping at the same time his little lips were moving around. Totally focused on Spidey! Adorable.

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