Sometimes You Outgrow the Mixing Bowl

The days of mixing bowl baths are officially over.  These pictures were taken a month and a half apart (July 16th, August 31st).  It’s just as well, I suppose, ’cause Jace has decided he likes baths and would probably like it even more if he could get his feet in the warm water along with the rest of his body!
photo-10-2 104_2804

In other adorable picture-worthy news….

Jace had some tummy time with his new bumblebee toy.  It makes noise when you touch it.  The first few times he was mesmerized.  Then I got out the camera to take a video and he completely lost interest.  We’ll try again tomorrow.104_2794

Jace hung out in the baby bather reclining chair while I folded some laundry….104_2801

And we got a tummy time mat!  Isn’t it cool?  Jace drooled all over it, so I’m taking that as a sign of approval.  104_2811

Adam’s off work today, so I’m supposed to be getting work done.  It’s hard though, ’cause Adam and Jace are so cute together!  I’ll post pictures of their day tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Outgrow the Mixing Bowl

  1. Ok I wonder if everyone else noticed this too, but Adam and Jace are in the same exact position for tummy time! It is so adorable! They are so handsome. i love the comparison in the mixing bowls! He is getting so big and filling out all over! Yay Jace! Keep on growing!!!! And, I’m glad he is interested in the bumble bee toy….I’ll be sure to get you a really loud firetruck toy for him! Just ask Phil and Betty how much their kids liked it! hahahahahahahahaha

  2. I can’t believe how much Jace has grown since we left you a week ago. It breaks my heart to see him getting so big so quickly and I am not able to see it in person. I miss you all so much! We had such a wonderful time, and we wish we could slip away again to see you all. Its good to see him taking interest in toys, that just means I get to go shopping again!

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