Drive In Movies

Jace has recently decided that he doesn’t like sleep.  He doses in our arms, but pretty much refuses to sleep in his swing and refuses to sleep for any stretch of time longer than about 45 minutes.  It’s exhausting.  I have been trying everything I can think of to make a happy sleeping environment.  My latest attempt was to create Jacen’s Drive In Movie Theater.

His sound machine has a projector on it with three discs.  I couldn’t figure out what to project the image onto – the ceiling is too far away for him to focus and if I project it onto the walls, I have to turn the swing so he’s facing the corner, and that just seemed mean – nobody puts baby in a corner!  So, rather than bring Jace to the “screen”, I brought the “screen” to him.  As you can see, I’ve got the mattress from the pack’n’play propped against a laundry basket on our bed.  That way I can project the image, he can watch it from the swing, and it doesn’t look like he’s in timeout.  I was just going to post the one picture of the screen/mattress with the fishies on it, ’cause he was “sleeping” and I didn’t want to take a picture and wake him up.  But “sleeping” lasted about 5 minutes, so I went ahead and took a picture once he woke up.  And it has taken me two days to get this posted, so you can see that the boycott on sleep continues.

At the Drive In

The movie screen

In other picture-worthy news, Jace continues to work on head control.  His new favorite position for tummy time is tummy-to-tummy.104_2767

He really likes holding hands.  This isn’t a great example of it – usually he’s holding on with all fingers.  In any case, it’s great that he likes it because it helps him practice keeping his thumbs “out” from his fist!104_2773

Showing off his new onesie – size 0 to 3 months!104_2776

Jace also seems to really like sitting up.  If you’re holding his hands, you can help him stabilize.  In this picture I wrapped the boppy around him like a chair.  It worked for a few minutes.  Jace and I are thinking about going shopping today for a bumbo….  Exciting stuff!104_2778

Even though Adam and I are both super sleep-deprived lately, Jace is super adorable.  He’s not smiling near as much as he did while his Grandma and Auntie were here, but he’s still doing great with his head control, focusing, tracking, and gripping.  Plus, he’s super adorable – and only slightly less adorable at 4am….  So cute!


One thought on “Drive In Movies

  1. Jace is already going to the movies?!?! OMG… I love the fish movie at the drive in! His tummy time is so adorable. I love the face to face picture, SallyRose. He is adorable. He looks like he can hold up his head really well! I love the hand holding picture, too! I like seeing his little fists! He is such a great baby! Maybe he is not smiling as much because he missing his Grandma Cherie and his Great Auntie Amelia???? I am sure they were giving him lots of extra attention! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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