Jacen Smiles!

Walking around Russell Stover.  Our carseat/stroller combo system is AWESOME!104_2748

Showing off the biceps for Amelia.104_2753

Looking at Grandma….104_2755

….and the first smile that I’ve captured in a photo!!!!104_2756

Rockin’ the Batman onesie and proving that the bather can also make a cool chair.104_2760

Batman’s Pouty Lip
Focusing on the mobile, tracking it as it spins, and then losing interest and showing off his pouty lip instead.


2 thoughts on “Jacen Smiles!

  1. Awesome pics! Favorites are of Amelia & Jace on the couch, and Sheri smiling at Jace! Can these pics be any cuter? No way! Glad everyone is having so much fun!

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