1, 2, THREE!

Jace is three months old today!
A1  104_2732 B2  B3A3

The Jace Update!

Guess who’s the cutest baby with thumb splints?  I wouldn’t know, ’cause Jace doesn’t need thumb splints!  Yay!  We went to the physical therapist today to be fitted for the splints.  She took one look at Jace and announced that she felt thumb splints were completely unnecessary for him and that she thinks he’s doing great!  HURRAY!

He’s been hanging out with some friends in the car seat…. In the glider….104_2718

He and Amelia are friends.104_2721 104_2727

And he’s considering facial hair….104_2728

Totally the cutest baby in the world!



4 thoughts on “1, 2, THREE!

  1. He’s totally thinking of facial hair to impress his BEAUTIFUL AUNT AMELIA! She looks really happy and pretty holding him! I am so glad he is doing so well! Is this the same physical therapist who said he needed the splints and then changed her mind or what?????

  2. Happy 3 months!! Jace has the most beautiful blue eyes!!
    He looks like he’s about to kiss his aunt Amelia!
    Is the car seat in the rocking chair the new strategy help with fussiness???? 😉
    Yay for no thumb splints!
    Love the pictures!
    Enjoy time with the family!!

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