Meeting Grandma

Jace met his Grandma Cherie and his Auntie Amelia!  They arrived yesterday on one of the fussiest Jace days on record.  Today is going much better.  Cherie has him smiling and everything!  More pictures to follow.  Right now, the FIVE of us are headed to lunch!



4 thoughts on “Meeting Grandma

  1. Love your JaceBook, He is so precious and he hard a tough start, I know all about it, Angenique son was born early also, and was separated at birth and sent to a Phx Childrens Hospital. Anyway back to Jace, I cant wait to meet the famous little guy, Congratulation’s to you SallyRose and Adam, love you all

  2. Jace looks like he’s known Cherie almost all his life!! And Cherie, you look very comfortable holding that baby! I bet he’ll settle down in your arms and fall asleep. I hope the EXTENDED ESTRELLA family has a great visit and lots of fun! Love you guys!

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