Up to Eleven

We had a weight check this morning and Jace is 11 pound, 3 ounces.  That’s a gain of 15 ounces in just 14 days.  Hurray!  We tried to take a picture of him sitting in his crib with his friends to commemorate the occasion, but clearly we’re not quite to the sitting stage yet….  For the record – the picture of him face planting into the doggie is blurry because he fell mid-click of the camera and because I promptly dropped the camera reaching to right him.  We had better success when he tried laying down in his crib with his friends.

104_2697 104_2696 104_2702

He also had some tummy time today.  Claire supervised.104_2694


3 thoughts on “Up to Eleven

  1. I’m so glad Jace has so many friends and I am happy to know that Claire is a good supervisor. Perhaps she could be persuaded to supervise him in learning how to take CAT NAPS!!!!

  2. Superhero Jace looks mighty happy with his friends, and he’s really focused on that puppy!
    Love his tummy time with a cat supervisor and “puppy decor” on his bottom!! 😉 (this style of clothing has to have a name- oh I know when you’re a baby- cute cute cute!!!)

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