Bathtime Rock Star

Alright – I know I already posted today, but guess what?!  Jace is a bathtime rock star!

We have had a less-than-content past two days and an absolutely brutal past two nights, so I was not optimistic about bathtime.  BUT IT WENT GREAT!  He didn’t fuss.  AT ALL.  He was happy the whole time – soap, rinse, hair, everything!  We figured that behavior earned him a Superman onesie.  And now he’s all cuddled up with his daddy in the glider next to me.  YAY!

Wrapped up in a towel, post-bath104_2685

Superman onesie!104_2686


4 thoughts on “Bathtime Rock Star

  1. Jace is totally a bath time rock star. I thought he looked especially rock starry in his comfy little blue wrap up towel. He looked relaxed, like a star! Such a good little super hero.

  2. And…. I really, really like the comparison pictures! They are so much fun to study! He is changing so much every single day. I love them, keep ‘me coming!!!

  3. Well remind bath time rock star, and superman, ninja turtle, well loved little boy, growing Jace, that sleep is crucial and essential for all superhero babies!!! And their parents too!!
    I’m glad bath time went well!
    Superjace’s next mission: sleep!

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