Financially Savvy!


Today Jacen started a 529 plan.  While we were waiting in the lobby to meet with Brad, my finance guy, I took a picture of Jace in front of the Wells Fargo sign.  Jace fussed most of the meeting (probably because the market is dropping right now), but it went pretty well.  As we were leaving, the receptionist commented that she hoped the picture I took had turned out.  Brad suggested I take another picture.  I figured he meant one of Jace and me together.  Nope – he thought I should have a picture of Jace and his financial advisor!  It was cute.
In other news, we got a new sound machine.  It’s pretty magical, actually – I can’t believe how quickly he responds to white noise!  We are attempting to transition from sleeping only in the swing to sleeping in the swing sometimes and back in the pack and play sometimes (he hasn’t slept in his pack and play since the refluxing started).  We bought some DEET-free bug spray so we can try an outdoor adventure.  And now I can hear him starting to whimper in the other room, so it’s time for tummy time!


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