All Tummy, All the Time!

Jace and I hung out a lot in the nursery today.  We cut our nails together.  We listened to music.  We danced around.  We talked about jungle animals.  And, above all, we spent a lot of time on our tummies!104_2647

We’ve started doing tummy time with the changing pad on the floor because he seems to like having his upper body elevated a little bit.  Plus, he’s pretty focused on the different circles on his changing pad cover! 104_2640 104_2645

When his head crashes down and his hand touches his cheek, all focus on head control is instantly lost and Jace starts rooting for his own hand.  Pretty cute, but not very productive!104_2639

I’ve had some requests for videos, so here ya go.  They’re not super action-packed, but when Adam got home from work today, Jace wanted to show off his new tummy time skills….

Adventure Style Tummy Time
Adventure style tummy time is when he “climbs” the tall side of his changing pad.  It’s pretty rugged.

While adventure-style tummy time is awesome, it usually ends with him high-centering….  He doesn’t seem to mind.

Success….and a Sneeze
Sneezing while on your tummy – and before you’ve mastered head control – is a little rough.  But he perseveres.  Jace is awesome!


3 thoughts on “All Tummy, All the Time!

  1. I’m sitting here, watching his AWESOME tummy time, wondering how hard it must be to lift your head while on your tummy, when your head is 1/4 of your body length. Babies have it so tough! I mean, in the morning, I have a great deal of trouble lifting my head from my pillow and, as we all know, my head is TINY.

    But seriously, he’s looking fantastic and you two are doing such a great, great job with him. Before you know it, he’ll be as tall as Adam, and asking to borrow the car, so keep the pictures and videos coming. xoxoxoxo

  2. That was excellent tummy time! Yay Jace! It must take so much energy to do all this! I had no idea how hard it was to move around when you are a baby. He is adorable. I love how focused he is on the blanket! More videos!!!!!! yahoo!

  3. When he is high centered he is da da da da- superman!

    And I didn’t know we could put in requests of the website! The website justs keeps getting better! First there’s pictures, videos, the NEXT button, and now a request feature! Not to mention updates on superman! Little did we know that you had a superhero… Well I guess we knew, but know there’s proof and rumor is spreading!!

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