The First Toy!

I feel sorry for all other babies, ’cause Jace is totally the cutest baby in the world….

Anyways!  We bought Jace his first toy yesterday.  It’s backwards in every picture, but the blue part is an elephant head and the yellow and orange parts are the ears.  The ears click when you twist them and the head is a rattle.  We picked it because the ears are good for practicing gripping.  And here are the adorable pictures from this morning! (Okay, this afternoon, but when we’re still in bed in pajamas, I consider it “morning”.)104_2613 104_2614 104_2615

This one is on the changing pad right before a diaper change.  I know he’s not looking, but check out that two-handed grip!  And another changing table update – Jace has graduated from newborn diapers to size 1s.  He’s getting big!  And hurray for the freedom to buy in bulk (they only sell small packages of preemie and newborn sizes)!104_2622


2 thoughts on “The First Toy!

  1. What an awake, alert, adorable little guy you have there! And I’m lovin’ that two-handed grip! He’s going to have enormous biceps by the time he’s in preschool. You will have to teach him to be kind and gentle, and not beat up the other children.

  2. Ok seriously- the best part of my day is seeing that there’s a “NEXT” button on your page, which means, drum roll please, new post!!
    I love his expression in all of these photos!! He looks super happy with his new toy! And the best part is, he doesn’t even know he’s learning gripping at the same time!! That’s just good teachin right there!

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