I Think He Looks Like Adam….

I don’t know how old Adam and I are in these pictures, so maybe the comparisons don’t really make sense, but they’re the only baby pics I have of us right now!

Jacen and Me
Slideshow (56)

Jacen and Adam
104_2542 Slideshow (35)


3 thoughts on “I Think He Looks Like Adam….

  1. Wow! Those are a fun comparison, and now I know why I see, in Jace, pieces of each of you! His nose and lips, your chin , cheecks, and hair line. Once again, the best of both!

  2. Wow….it’s a close call…. It think Jace’s closed eyes look like Sally’s and his open eyes look like Adam’s. I think his beautiful little lips and nose look like both of you. What a pretty and handsome baby we have here. I can’t wait to touch his soft skin.

  3. All content and sleepy and happy (it’s cute that you smiled in your sleep- you probably do that now!!!) he completely looks like you!!
    All bright eyes and bushy tailed he looks like Adam! Total boy!
    He’s a perfect good combo of the two of you I think! 😉

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