Cody is SUCH a Helpful Big Brother

After a relaxing morning, it was time to run some errands.  Other than doctor’s appointments, Jace doesn’t really go out in public, but he likes car rides!  My mom needed to run by Verizon, so I put Jace in his carseat.  The secret to going from this:

to this:

is motion.  I pull and release the strap that comes off the front of the carseat as an easy way of rocking the carseat while I eat breakfast.  I had successfully rocked him to sleep, so I went to get myself ready to go.  When I came back, Cody had taken over the job of rocking Jace.  The video is a little dark, but you get the idea….

Cody is SUCH a Good Brother

Like we’ve said before, the animals are doing a great job with their new little brother.  And they’re extra happy this week because when we have visitors the visitors tend to focus on Jace, giving Adam and me more time to give them attention!



3 thoughts on “Cody is SUCH a Helpful Big Brother

  1. That’s an adorable video! Cody is such a helper! Next thing you know, he’ll be reading Jace bedtime stories. And I am happy to see my sweet sister being such a happy grandma! I love you all!!

  2. Ok I realized that I can only see the videos after I push reply post –that takes me to the website and the link is there. No link in just the email.


    From Marian

  3. I love that this is truly, in every meaning of the word, a WHOLE family affair! How many people can say that the cats help rock Jace to sleep? I mean, they already Basically cuddle with him in the crib 😉 What’s next? Cuervo giving him a bath?
    And grandma looks incredibly HAPPY!!!!!

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