Two More Firsts!

Jace had two more firsts in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday evening he shed his first tear.  It was heartbreaking.  I mean, the crying is bad enough, but add little tiny tears to the mix?!  Yeah, super sad.  His eyes have gotten shiny in the past, but this was the first time a tear actually rolled down his cheek.

And today was his first conference call.  He was pretty adorable.  Kept quiet for the most part, but then got active and started making all kinds of sounds.  No crying, which was awesome, just grunting and, ummm, baby sounds.  The guys on my call were nice about it.  They even started directing questions at him.  The scary part is that they actually listened to his input.  For example:

Guy on my call:      Should we examine six-month or nine-month lead times? 
There’s merits for both, but I’m leaning towards doing a ….
Jace:                       *grunt*
Guy on my call:     What’s that Jace?  You seem to have a strong opinion on this.  Should we do six-month lead times?
Jace:                       silence
Guy on my call:    Nine-month lead times?
Jace:                      *grunt*
Guy on my call:    Okay, nine-month lead times it is!  I was leaning towards six-month,
but Jace makes a valid point.

This happened more than once!

And now, Jace and I are going to hang out on the bed until Adam gets home and I can take a shower.  Thank goodness it was just a conference call and not a WebEx like last week!  Here are my favorite pics from this morning.  They might all look the same, but they’re different!  Look at his little face!  And his little hands!  HE IS SO CUTE!  Love, love, love, LOVE HIM!

104_2489 104_2494 104_2495 104_2496


3 thoughts on “Two More Firsts!

  1. The pictures don’t look all the same at all! he has a different expression in each one. He is so beautiful. i could look at that little face all day. I wish I could touch the tiny hands. So sweet. It looks like he stopped crying long enough to fall asleep for at least a little while! Sweet dreams Jace!!!!!

  2. Your mom and I have just gone through your blog…I LOVE IT…Jacen is just adorable! I know your mom is heading down to see you tonight-have FUN!!!! So proud of you and Adam-so happy for you!!

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