Vacuuming Up Goldfish

Yesterday was a busy day for Jacen!  We started things off with a 9am weight check at the pediatrician’s office.  The good news is that Jacen’s head circumference growth over the last week was normal.  Yay!  The bad news is that Jace only gained 2.5 ounces over the past 7 days.  He’s supposed to gain at least 5 ounces a week, so 2.5 is low.  Hopefully it’s just an off week and his weight gain will pick up again this week.  We’ve got a re-check on Monday to see.

After the pediatrician’s office, we headed downtown to Children’s Hospital.  Check in took forever, but the tech was really quick doing the ultrasound and Jace didn’t even cry.  Our pediatrician called us on the drive to let us know the results – and his hips are fine!  Yay!

After two doctor’s appointments and not much food or sleep, Jace was not in the best mood – so we spent the rest of the afternoon cuddled up on the bed watching leaves move outside the window.  It was really hot yesterday, so we nixed the idea of a walk, but I’m thinking a walk is definitely in our near future.

Exciting new development – Jace is starting to track objects with his eyes!  For the past month he could focus on your face, but if you moved he had no idea where you went.  Now, if he’s very focused and you move slowly, he will follow you with his eyes.  It’s awesome!  He even followed Cody as he walked across the bed in front of him.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes.  So exciting!

Well, we had a decent evening and then, around midnight, Jace made a decision.  He decided that he loves Adam and me so much that he couldn’t possibly imagine wasting precious time that would could be spending together on sleep.  And thus began ANOTHER NIGHT OF NO SLEEP.  Adam and I took turns with him so the other one could get a little sleep.  Rough night, but I’m super lucky to have Adam here to help me out.

Poor Jace.  He cries and cries and cries and screams and cries.  And there’s nothing we can do to calm him down.  I’m pretty sure the crying is tummy-related.  You can hear and actually feel all kinds of stuff happening in his tummy.  And his level of screaming is proportionate to the amount of tummy rumbling.  I’m cutting dairy out of my diet this week (no cheese or chocolate milk – yikes), so we’ll see if that helps.  If not, Jace is going to try a new medication – Prevacid.  I’ve heard really good things about it, but I’m hoping we won’t have to add more meds….

And now it’s morning and Jace seems much happier.  I don’t know why he’s always more upset in the middle of the night.  Maybe our focused attention isn’t as focused when we’re sleep-deprived?  In any case, he’s back to being cute and content (kinda) and quiet (kinda).  But even when he’s screaming he’s still warm and soft and cute and smells good.  And we love him!

Bright eyes, good head control, and a hospital bracelet!104_2488

I almost forgot to explain the title of the post!  White noise is awesome.  It calms Jace down, reduces the crying, and sometimes even makes him fall asleep.  While shushing is great, you get a little light-headed if you’re forcefully shushing for hours at a time.  Luckily, there’s an app that does it for you (Relax M. HD)!  There’s a free version, but I even paid the $2.99 for the full version ’cause it’s worth it.  It’s got 94 (?) sound options to choose from.  The best one is vacuum.  I was playing around with different sounds and didn’t notice that when you click on a new sound, the old sound doesn’t shut off, it just plays the new sound right on top of the old one.  And so the first night we used this, we fell asleep to Ocean, Sea Shore, and Vacuum – giving Adam dreams of vacuuming up the ocean floor!


4 thoughts on “Vacuuming Up Goldfish

  1. As I was reading along, I kept thinking of things to suggest, only to then read that you and Adam had already thought of “my” ideas and were already doing them. The only thing you haven’t mentioned is laying him on his back and bending his legs so his knees are near his chest. Or in other words, the fart position. Yes, I just said “fart” on your website. Am I the first? I certainly hope so! sigh…..

  2. This is a happy happy happy post! And completely love the title by the way!!
    I’m glad his head size is a ok, and he’s tracking with his eyes, but most of all, I’m super happy his ultrasound not only went well, but the results came back as everything’s fine! So I’m glad the clunking hip is clunking and not something else-ing!!

    And… Yay for white noise!! 🙂
    Vaccumming up goldfish.. Gotta do what ya gotta do!!

  3. Yay for fine hips!!! I really liked the description of him tracking you and Cody with his eyes! That is so cool. Can’t wait to see him for myself.

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