Baby Straight-Jacket

As a follow up to Adam’s post about insurance and medical bills, opening insurance statements for Jacen is much less scary now.  Check out the last line in the picture below….  “The out of pocket maximum has been met.”  Yup!  That means all in-network appointments are only $25 now.  Yay! 104_2476

The hip ultrasound is scheduled for Monday.  Jace and I will go to his weight check and head size check at 9:15am and then we’ll head to Children’s Hospital for a 10:30am ultrasound.  Not sure when we get results from the ultrasound.

And now….  The baby straight-jacket.  We have these super cool swaddle things.  They’re warm and soft and have a little pouch for his feet and velcro to secure him in tight.  It’s awesome because he can’t escape very easily if you do it right.  Jace likes being swaddled.  He really does!  But once you undo the velcro, he throws his arms in the air to prove he’s free.  It’s pretty cute.  The video’s a little dark, but I think you’ll get the idea.

Baby Straight-Jacket
And he’s free!!!!


2 thoughts on “Baby Straight-Jacket

  1. Yay for the out of pocket maximum being met!! Goodness gracious! I would hope that it was met quickly!!

    And the “baby straight jacket”- how clever with all the Velcro!! How great for swaddling!! And I loved the demonstration for how he gets free!

  2. What a treasure you have there. Thanks for sharing Jace with us. The love you three have is reflected in your faces. Love, Jean

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