Good thing we’re insured!

So some of our bigger bills came in recently.  Here are some of the unadjusted amounts.  Basically, this is what we’d have had to pay if we didn’t have insurance.  Enjoy!






4 thoughts on “Good thing we’re insured!

  1. Physical therapy? Speech therapy? Where’s the charge for his yoga lessons? And his line dancing class? And the 20 seconds he spent with the tuba instructor? What about his fitting for ice skates and running shoes? And wasn’t there some aromatherapy and music therapy too? I’m planning to call your hospital and ask why such an incomplete bill was sent out.

  2. WOW!!
    Thank goodness for insurance right?!?!! And thank goodness for excellent health care too! Because I can only imagine with Jace’s contined appointments and follow up appointments, the bills just keep on coming!!
    I love these itemized bills. It leaves a lot for imagination…or interesting conversation at least. Nearly 2000 for lab? Supplies? You mean for survival? Blood storage? How much are they storing? Where is it? Do they still have it? How interesting! And umm… Expensive!!!! 8000 for a car ride!!
    Just WOW!

  3. YIKES IS RIGHT! I am so glad you guys have good coverage. I hope things will get less and less expensive! Love yous.

  4. Everything in perspective- he is worth every penny! Hang in there, let the insurance do its thing, and the rest will taken care of in time. I am so looking forward to the 21st. See you soon!.

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