Two Months Old!

On Tuesday, Jace turned two months old!104_2438 104_2440

He can focus on his lion friend now.
104_2437 104_2439

And he’s filled out since his one month pictures.   104_2441104_2098

He also has much better head control – though he didn’t want to demonstrate it for the video.  But you can see how high he can lift his head in the picture!104_2460

Check Out That Head Control
It’s a bit of a slow start, but the real action happens at about the 30 second mark.

And lastly, Jace got his first piece of mail from the Imagination Library!  Imagination Library is an organization started by Dolly Parton.  It takes 8 weeks to get registered, but once you’re in, you get a book mailed to you each month.  Yay!104_2455 104_2444


3 thoughts on “Two Months Old!

  1. Either that lion is shrinking or your kid is growing!! He looks wonderful! And I totally know how he feels trying to lift his head off the pillow. I have a problem with that too, every morning. My head is so heavy and the pillow is so soft… Jace and I will have to talk about this when we finally meet. I also like his first book! We have that one at our house, a bit beat up from so many readings. “I think I can! I think I can!” Jace, just repeat that line to yourself while you’re doing those head exercises.

    SR, we are LOVING this website you and Adam set up, and I love that I can post updated pictures on our bulletin board. Jacen’s early weeks and months haven’t been easy for any of you, but very soon, he’s going to hit his stride and take off, and then you will be AMAZED at how fast he changes. A year from now, he’ll be earning six figures and speaking four languages. Or drooling. Probably drooling. Remind me to send you some bibs. I love you! W&WAL

  2. OMG! He looks so interested in the book! Isn’t that exciting?! I think that as you read and point to the pic that matches the word he starts to connect it all!

  3. I love the pictures of Jace in the 2 month onesie! And the comparison of him in his 1 month onesie is neat to see! Just imagine when you 12 of these! This is a future picture project in the making! Especially with the lion to scale.

    And the photos of you reading the little engine that could to him are simply priceless.

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