Two Month Check Up

Jace had his two month check up yesterday.  He did NOT enjoy his appointment.  We started things off by not sleeping much the night before.  That was followed up by feeding time lining up exactly with the time we needed to leave the house for the pediatricians.  Which was followed by lots of red lights and slow traffic (Jace loves the car when it’s moving – not so much when we’re stopped).  We got to the doctor’s office with 2 minutes to spare.  As we signed in, Jace started crying.  And he pretty much cried for the rest of the appointment (all ninety minutes).  Poor baby!

Length – Jace is 21.125 inches long, which puts him in the 2nd percentile.  He was 19.5 inches last month, so he’s grown 1.625 inches!

Weight – Jace is 9 lbs 5 oz, which also puts him in the 2nd percentile.  He was 6 lbs 12 oz last month, so he’s gained 2 lbs and 9 oz!

Head Circumference – Jace’s head is 38 cm in circumference, which puts him in the 25th percentile.  He was at 35 cm last month, so he’s….ummm….expanded(?) 3 cm.  Going from the 2nd percentile last month to the 25th percentile this month is a pretty big jump, so we have a follow-up measuring next Monday.  We’ve already had two cranial ultrasounds, so the pediatrician doesn’t think anything is wrong but she does want monitor it pretty closely just in case.  Her theory is that they slightly mis-measured his head last month.

Iron – Jace had another blood draw yesterday.  This time they drew from his finger instead of his heel.  He HATED it.  I have never seen him scream that much.  It was horrible.  Horrible, horrible, horrible.  But his iron levels are continuing to climb.  Slowly.  He’s taking a vitamin with added iron each day to try and raise the levels because he’s still really low, but as long as he’s improving every check we don’t need to do anything more drastic.

Hip – Jace’s hip still clicks.  Since there has been no improvement, we’re headed to a specialist for an ultrasound.  The appointment hasn’t been scheduled yet, but it should be sometime in the next week or two.

Vaccines – Jace got two shots yesterday – a DTap/Hib/Polio shot and a PCV13 shot.  He also got an oral vaccination for Rotavirus.  The DTaP/Hib/Polio shot protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae tybe b, and polio.  The PCV13 shot protects against pneumococcal disease.  He did not like getting shots, but Adam was excited when he got home and saw the Thor bandaids.  The oral vaccination didn’t taste terrible, so Jace didn’t mind that one too much.

Reflux – The medicine is working!  You can definitely tell when Jace is refluxing, but it doesn’t make him cry uncontrollably anymore.  And his voice isn’t hoarse!  As of Monday he still seemed to be very uncomfortable when it happened, so the pediatrician increased his dosage.

General Stuff – Overall, Jace is doing really well.  He’s not hitting the two month benchmarks, but that’s not surprising given his adjusted age is only two weeks.  He does have excellent head control for a two month old and his arm/back/shoulder muscles are developing really well.  Plus, we don’t have to wake him up to eat anymore!  The pediatrician said we can let him sleep as long as he wants and feed on demand.  Yay!

I’ll post “two month” pictures tomorrow, but right now he’s asleep and there is no way I’m waking him up to put him in his two month onesie.  He’s asleep in his car seat, which is pretty cute.  He does not like being flat on his back and the “hill” isn’t enough of an incline for him.  For the past few nights he’s slept in bed with us because we’ve had to keep him pretty much vertical – otherwise he screams at us!  Last night he tolerated his car seat for a little while, but still ended up in bed with us after his 2am feeding.  However – he didn’t wake up to eat again until almost 7am, which means WE ALL GOT FOUR CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF SLEEP!  Even better than that, Jace seems to be doing so much better with this adjusted dosage of medicine.  It’s really nice that he’s not in pain anymore.  He’s sleeping better and just seems happier in general today.  It could be after effects of the shots he had yesterday, but I’m hoping it’s because he’s feeling better!104_2432



2 thoughts on “Two Month Check Up

  1. Yay for 4 hours of CONSECUTIVE sleep! And meds that are working! And less pain!! And not having to wake him up for feedings!! These are all positive positive great things! Yay Jace! Yay for progress and growing and Thor band aids!!

  2. Such a handsome boy! I am so glad to hear you got some “real” sleep. Now that the reflux med is working, and you don’t have to wake him to eat, hopefully you will start getting some more regular sleep. Sounds like he is really starting to make up some ground in the growing department. He will be quite the handful by the time I get there. I am so ready! Love the updates, it really makes my day to get them. Get ready Jace, ************* is coming in a month. By the way have you decided what Jace is going to call me? Love you all!!!

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