All Dressed Up – for the Wedding!

Today was another first for Jace – his first tux!

Casey and Bailey got married today.  They were nice enough to let us “attend” the wedding through FaceTime – which was really fun.  Their wedding was really pretty (gorgeous day) and Bailey looked amazing!  Casey looked pretty good too.  🙂  🙂  104_2430

Jace wanted to look his best – so he wore a tux customized just for this occasion!

104_2363104_2379    104_2392  104_2396

Who’s excited that Bailey’s a part of the family?  JACE IS!
(Okay, we all are, but Jace was so excited he threw his arms in the air!).104_2401 104_2407

CONGRATULATIONS to Casey and Bailey!  104_2415


3 thoughts on “All Dressed Up – for the Wedding!

  1. You all look great! Jacen is so handsome in his tux! I think it is fantastic you got to “attend” the wedding. Congratulations to the new couple, and best wishes to them. Love you!

  2. Love the new family photo!

    And his tux- super adorable! I’m glAd Jace was able to attend his what I’m assuming his first wedding? And especially of his uncle Casey and his new aunt bailey! ( I liked jace’s butt decor by the way :). !!!!!)

    I’m glad you two were able to attend as well!!!

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