Such a Sad Sound!

Another “first” today, but this one isn’t as much fun.  Jacen’s first prescription:104_2360

Jacen has “silent reflux”.  The diagnosis of reflux had been mentioned several times before – as early as his one month check up – but Adam and I kept denying it.  We figured he just had indigestion and didn’t want to rush to medications.  After all, he wasn’t actually spitting up.  Turns out “silent reflux” is reflux without the spitting up – the stomach acid makes it all the way up the throat, but the baby swallows before spitting up.  Poor Jace!  He’s got stomach acid burning his esophagus on the way up AND the way down.

Starting early this morning (3am?), it sounded like Jacen was losing his “voice”.  It was worse at his next feeding (6am?), and worse again in the morning.  IT IS SUCH A SAD SOUND!  His little whimpers and cries just sound so sad and pathetic when he’s hoarse.  Turns out the reflux is irritating his esophagus.  His level of discomfort is still the same as it has been, but now we have “proof” that it’s not just indigestion – so we finally took action.

I called the pediatrician and she wrote a prescription for Ranitidine (Zantac).  He’s on a pretty low dose, but hopefully we’ll see results in 3 days.  He got his first dose tonight.  It smells like peppermint, but I guess it’s got a high alcohol content and Jace does NOT like the flavor.

Right now he’s propped up in my lap.  His swing and car seat aren’t vertical enough for him, so he “sat” in bed with me all night last night too.  I love the extra cuddle time, but I wish he wasn’t in pain.  And his hoarse little cry is sooooo sad.  He’s still as cute as ever though!104_2358


3 thoughts on “Such a Sad Sound!

  1. SallyRose, you sound exhausted, and with good reason. I hope the medicine does its job even sooner than 3 days and the poor little guy starts feeling better. Parenting ifs such a hard job. WAY harder than any 9 to 5 job, no matter how stressful. You are such a good and living mommy. I love you, and wish I could do more to help than just write you notes. xoxo WAL

  2. This made me sad. I so wish I was there now to help you out. Hang in there you two. You are doing a fantastic job! Nobody ever said it was easy, but the rewards are Priceless! Love you all.

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