Happy Belated Birthday!

We celebrated Sally’s birthday not too long ago.  My parents were nice enough to send an Edible Arrangement.  I know it was Sally’s gift, but I was excited too because I’d always wanted to try one.  It was DELICIOUS and gave us breakfast and snacks for about 3 days!  Sally liked the chocolate covered strawberries and Pineapples.  I personally liked the chocolate covered bananas (not marshmallows like we thought at first) and apples.  Thanks Mom and Dad!Image

A closer view of the “bouquet”:


And one more random picture of our dog…the one I trust to help protect us against burglars, thieves, and salesmen.  I took Sally’s car to the automatic car wash today.  My brave little mutt decided to hide in the foot well. 





3 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday!

  1. That is such a cool “bouquet!” How thoughtful and yummy!

    And please, recognize my grand-dog’s sensitivities! Besides, HE knew no bad guys were around!

  2. DELICIOUS! Such a healthy and yummy present! Poor ole Cuervo….I suppose he is afraid of thunder and lightening, too? We’ll see who is more of a scaredy….him or Regi when we come see you guys! Can’t wait!

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