Sometimes the Crib Gets Crowded….

104_2297I’m pretty sure Cuervo would be there too if he could get in!

Awake During the Day
Jace has his days and nights mixed up, so we’re trying to keep him awake a little during the day.  In theory, that means he’ll sleep more at night!


3 thoughts on “Sometimes the Crib Gets Crowded….

  1. Okay, this is obviously a video of Jace trying to teach himself how to snap his fingers. He is already so cool. Of course, it may also be a video of him trying to stick his thumb in his mouth, which is a very dangerous maneuver because once he does that, his nose will touch his palm, which will cause him to clench his fingers, which will cause him to possibly poke himself in the eye, which will cause him to cry. I don’t know this from my own personal mothering experience, of course. I must have read it somewhere…. or dreamed it. Or maybe it really did happen and I was so amazed that my baby just scratched HERself in HER face that I was sort of stunned. Guess which child I’m talking about? To protect her identity, I’m keeping her name a secret.

    Of course, one of my children has had HIS days and nights mixed up for most of HIS life. In his first 3 years of life, he rarely slept more than 4 hours in a row. You probably don’t want to hear stories like that, huh…. I was kidding! I don’t even know babies do that kind of thing! JK!! (not)

    Jace continues to be ridiculously adorable. And over 8 pounds! I hope you feel proud, SR. It’s nourishment straight from mommy. xoxo WAL

  2. Kitties love babies!!!! I’m so glad everyone is getting along so well! Obviously Jace is not allergic to kitties, or lions or bears!

    I loved that video! I could HEAR him! He is so cute!

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