Today Is Our Due Date

Today is officially our due date!  We’re going to take some pictures tonight to show how big Jace has gotten.  We have an appointment with our pediatrician tomorrow too, so we’ll post about that.  Hopefully his hematocrit and hemoglobin levels are up.  For now, here are my favorite pictures from the past few days – and a video!

Looking all handsome after his bath!
104_2253 104_2255 104_2262

Here’s the video.  Jace was being SO cute!  He was alert.  He was focusing on things.  His facial expressions were adorable.  So we tried to capture it on video.  He started drooling during the first take.  He sneezed during the second take.  He cried during the third take.  Here’s the fourth take….

All swaddled up – mostly.  Maybe he just wanted to wave for the picture.104_2266

He got fussy, so I unswaddled him with plans to change him and feed him.  I put the bottles in hot water to warm up – he was asleep again before I got back!104_2268

He’s the cutest thing in the whole wide world!!!!


One thought on “Today Is Our Due Date

  1. My what blue crossed eyes he has!
    My what long legs he has!
    My what cute tiny fingers he has!
    Not only does that make for one adorable baby! But it makes for one funny baby too 🙂 crossing his eyes, waving at everyone, fussing then asleep by the time you got there… Nice!

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