A few of Jacen’s latest outfits….104_2218 104_2221 104_2225

Adam demonstrating the “football hold” that he uses when Jace gets fussy.104_2228

Cuervo wants to lick Jace sooooo badly!104_2233

Holding his daddy’s hands after a big meal. 104_2240

Hanging out with his daddy and watching Batman.104_2251


4 thoughts on “Photogenic!

  1. What a wardrobe that kid has! He is a fashionisto! I think maybe it was ADAM who was watching batman, and Jace was sleeping! Where is mommy in all these pictures? I need to see what she is doing and how happy she is, too! More pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! And videos!!!!!! Keep them coming! It’s my favorite pasttime. ILY you guys!!!!!

  2. He is very cute! I like Adam’s Heisman pose too. It was exciting to see the videos. He seems like he is getting to be much more active.

  3. Photogenic and adorable!!
    I love that little boys outfits have bootie decor? (I don’t know what to call it) It’s cute!
    The football hold is hysterical- does it really work to calm the fussiness?? How was this discovered?? Did you walk in the room and see this and start laughing? Or was Adam working on more possible fitness training for making Jace the strongest kid in the sandbox and decide football moves were necessary?? I need more on this pose- there’s more to that story!
    Love the pic of Cuervo about to lick his face!
    And… I’m sorry… But I thought we used to coordinate our outfits for the tv shows we watched- you know baseball onesies for baseball game… But he’s wearing monkeys for batman… Shouldn’t he be watching curious George or Godzilla or King Kong?? Come on now šŸ˜‰ J/k

    Love the pics! I bet you’re becoming a pro at how to get good pics of a wiggly newborn!!!

  4. I love your pictures and videos, not just because he’s the world’s most adorable baby, but also because you guys are such good parents. I hope you keep this website into his teenage years. Ha!

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