I Learned How To Post Video!

It took me 4 hours, but I figured out how to post videos.  Yay!  And after sorting through the zillion videos we have, I picked 8 to post.  They’re short – and I won’t usually post this many all at once, I promise.  We have a TON of videos of us feeding Jace in the NICU and a ton of videos of him laying in his incubator looking cute (or sleepy).  We also have a ton of videos (and pictures) that are super dark because Jace didn’t like opening his eyes when the lights were turned on.  Sooooo, here are 8 videos that I thought were worth watching!

Jacen’s First Day in the NICU
This video was taken about 4 hours after Jacen was born.  He had just gotten situated at the NICU.  I was still in the hospital, so Adam drove to visit Jacen and took a ton of pictures and video for me.

Awake in the NICU
Here’s one of those dark videos, but it shows Jace being pretty active!

Going Home!
Discharge day from the NICU!  After 14 days, we got to go home!  Yay!

Cody Meets Jacen
Cody wasn’t sure what to think of Jacen.  He was really jumpy around him for the first week.

Tummy Time!
This video cracks me up.  Adam narrates it.  Jacen’s head is still a little heavy for him….  But he’s trying so hard!

He Is So Cute
A less energetic version of tummy time, but it’s a close up of his cute little face!

Wake Up!
We used to have a problem getting Jace to stay awake for his whole bottle.  When that happened, we had to wake him up to get him to finish eating.

Hungry for More
Adam loves this – when you take the bottle out of Jace’s mouth, he just keeps sucking!


3 thoughts on “I Learned How To Post Video!

  1. MORE!!!! I WANT MORE!!!!! I love every one of these. I must have watch all of them at least 8 tiimes. He is the most adorable baby!!! Thank you so much for figure this out. Post as many as you want, I want to see them all!!!!!!!!! Love you guys.

  2. Best blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I nearly cried over the one where you’re sitting next to Jace on discharge day and then you answer for him that he’s happy to go home to be a family!!!!

    And then I’m laughing hysterically at your video footage of Cody’s response to a new foreign object in a car seat and then Adam all of a sudden becoming Jace’s personal fitness trainer!

    Such great parents!!

    Someday Jace is going to love to watch all these! 4 hours of hard work on how to post videos paid off!!!

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