Birthday Cake and Jacen’s “Hill”

Jace helped me celebrate my birthday yesterday.  Adam even helped him buy me a birthday card and everything!Image

Previously, Jace has been spending 99% of his time eating and sleeping.  But lately he’s starting to be awake for sliiiiightly longer.  It’s fun because he’s usually in a pretty happy and alert mood for a few minutes when he first wakes up – before he decides he’s hungry….  Makes for some cute pictures!Image104_2165

In one of the last posts, I mentioned that reflux is common with premature babies, so our pediatrician recommended getting a crib elevator.  It’s a foam wedge covered in plastic (that we then cover with a thin blanket) designed to keep his head above his stomach.  Here’s a picture!  It does seem to help with his reflux – when he can stay on it!  Adam and I call the elevator the “hill”.  Jace isn’t very still when he sleeps, so he has a tendency to end up at the bottom of the hill.  Not very helpful for the reflux, but still pretty cute!IMG_0810Image


2 thoughts on “Birthday Cake and Jacen’s “Hill”

  1. Looks like a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY with the boys! I loved the shots with each of you holding him! And what a lively centerpiece of flowers and candles! Xoxo

  2. You guys have a seriously adorable little boy! I can hardly wait for him to get his own tiny cellphone, so I can call him up and ask him what he’s up to. He will probably say something like, “Oh, I was outside, rolling down hills. It’s my favorite thing to do.” Seriously, though, there seems to be a real design flaw in his “hill.” It needs to be gently indented or something. At the hill factory.

    Anyway, happy b-day SR. I hope you got my teeny package by now. Pretty classy, sending you diapers, hey? xoxoxoxo

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