They’re Cute


Awww, they’re cute.  Even at 1:52am.  ‘Course when Jace decided that he didn’t want to sleep until 4:30am, I think Adam might have been slightly less smiley….  But still cute!


4 thoughts on “They’re Cute

  1. Oh, they ARE cute! Adam is looking a bit tired there, but Jace is in sleepy-heaven on Daddy’s big shoulder! Very sweet.

  2. I think this is when you need shirts like-
    For Jace: Sleepy baby
    Sleepy baby, but you know I’m still cute
    For daddy: tired daddy.
    Sleepy like baby
    why won’t you go to sleep baby?
    Just go to sleep baby.

    Ps happy birthday Sallyrose!!!

  3. They are so very cute, no matter what time of day. Hope he let you sleep in a little today, since it is your birthday. Happy Birthday!

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