A New Lion Friend….

Not much to say, but here are some new pictures.  Jacen will be ONE MONTH OLD tomorrow (Sunday, June 23rd) and he has his one month check up the following Monday.  I’ll post more info after that.

Super cute in his monkey outfit.  And all happy after his diaper change!Image

The cats don’t understand that the glider is for me and Jace….  Kitty takeover!  Image

His first short-sleeved outfit – and pants with monsters on the feet!  He’s finally getting big enough to fit into the newborn size onesies, so we’ll get to play with a bunch of new outfits pretty soon.  They’ll show off the huge biceps he’s developing….  Image

Jace and his new lion friend….  🙂  🙂Image


2 thoughts on “A New Lion Friend….

  1. Ok the two of you…. You two (referring to adam and sallyrose) simply have the cutest and the best taste! The monkey outfit, handsome like daddy shirt (that’s great!!!), little monsters on his feet-
    And Jacen makes these outfits look cute cute cute!! Especially where he gets to show off his biceps!! 🙂
    Happy one month and one day Jacen! He looks so happy next to his lion! Roar!

  2. I LOVE the quilt from Aunt Vivian! It is beautiful! Jace looks like he is SMILING at his stuffed lion! Keep posting! It is so much fun to see updates!

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