Four Weeks Old!

Jace is still doing great.  He will be one month old on Sunday and has his one month check up the following Monday.  We will post his updated length and weight then.

Adam had a few days off, which was really nice.  Now he’s back at work and Jace and I are starting to get a routine established.  The house is finally back to being clean (ish).  I can’t believe how often you have to do laundry when you have a baby!

Below are my latest favorite pictures.  Adam and I are working on getting pictures together for birth announcements.  Jace continues to be completely adorable!

Nap Time with Daddyphoto 2 (3)

The cats are still a little scared of him….Kitties

All ready to watch some baseball!  Maybe the Reds will make the post-season again and we’ll be able to take him to his first baseball game! Baseball


3 thoughts on “Four Weeks Old!

  1. Those are some great pictures! I’m still really excited to be telling people about becoming an uncle. It is fun to show them the pictures too.

  2. Ok-
    1. Absolutely looooove the pictures!!!!
    He’s simply a.dorable!!!
    2. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month!!
    3. Did I already say he’s really cute- because he is!!
    4. I love how often you give updates!!! Love it!!
    5. The onesie- with the all star baseball on his butt… How cute is that?!?!!!! And to watch baseball?!!!!! That made the picture even cuter!!!!!
    6. Nap time and cats… I love how well documented everything is!!!

    thanks for sharing all the happenings in laundry, diaper, crying, sleepless, cute, baby Jacen land!!!

  3. So cute! He is now as long as Adam’s forearm! Heehee! I love his little BB suit! He definitely scores a home run with me!

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