Seriously – Jacen’s grandparents are awesome!  Cherie and Amelia were here in late April.  At that point in time, Adam and I had definitely started thinking about the nursery, but that’s as far as things had gone.  We figured we had two and a half months left – not less than one month.  Well, Cherie and Amelia showed up and painted (I’ve already posted those pictures) and then bought us a ton of stuff.  Jace looks adorable (and tiny) in his crib with his cute bedding (THANK YOU CHERIE!) and sleeps in his pack ‘n play every night (THANK YOU AMELIA!).  Plus, we use the changing table and diaper genie they bought us a zillion times a day (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!).


My parents came to visit 10 days ago.  They thought they’d be hanging out with us at home and driving me back and forth to the NICU while Adam worked.  Then Jace exceeded everyone’s expectations and got released from the NICU earlier than anticipated.  So my parents cleaned our house, bought all the items left on our “we need these things before the baby gets here” list, and built all the things we hadn’t assembled yet….  Jace and I love the glider, Adam and I really appreciate you guys setting up and programming the AngelCare monitor, and Jace loves his swing.  THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH!


So, in conclusion, Jacen is pretty darn lucky when it comes to grandparents!


3 thoughts on “Jacen has the BEST GRANDPARENTS EVER!

  1. You guys are so right! Jacen DOES have the greatest grandparents (and Aunt). The nursery is a great color and the crib and changing table look beautiful and comfortable. Yay Cherie!. That bedding is absolutely perfect! And I think there were pictures earlier of Jace in the Pack ‘N Play, weren’t there? I wondered what it was that he was in. That was a great gift. Yay Amelia! That monitor is going to give you both a lot of comfort. You can over hear all those cute little baby sounds he is making when he is slumbering or waking up!!! And a swing? I can’t wait for those pictures. The glider is going to be really handy for putting you BOTH to sleep, who ever is holding him at the time! Yay Beryl and Tom!!! It is obvious that JACEN IS LOVED!!! Yay extended family!!!!!!!!

  2. Not at all, we grandparents are the lucky ones. We enjoyed every minute of helping getting the nursery ready. Very thankful the timing was so good. Enjoy that boy! Can’t wait to do some personal spoiling of that grandbaby.

  3. He’s one well loved baby boy!
    It’s amazing how far the love extends for Jacen!
    From Alaska, to Colorado, and in between (particularly right there in Tennessee!!) he’s one well loved, well cared for, little baby boy!!

    He’s so lucky!

    *I’m pretty sure the love extends that much further because of much we all love his amazing parents and he’s an extension of you ☺*

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