Jace is Getting Big!


Jacen is getting so big!  We had another appointment with our pediatrician on Monday morning.  Since we didn’t like the last guy we saw, we requested to see a different doctor in the practice.  We met with Dr. Melissa on Monday morning and she is awesome!  We really like her – she answered all of our questions and was super nice to Jace.

Jace was 5 lbs, 0 ounces when he was born.  He dropped down to 4 lbs, 12 ounces on day 4.  Monday morning he weighed in at 5lbs, 10 ounces!  YAY!  He has been doing a great job taking his bottles – he’s up to 60 mL (or more) each feeding.  When he first started on bottles, he was at 7 mL.


He’s not crazy about bath time, but he looks super adorable in his hooded towels.  And he actually seems to like having his hair washed!104_2042


3 thoughts on “Jace is Getting Big!

  1. So glad to get the update. I was having withdrawl with no updates for 3 days. He looks so adorable, I can see changes in his face. His cheeks are filling out. Love you all, keep the updates coming.

  2. Ok, this kid is the cutest kid in the world. His face is beatiful and so full of expression. I could look at these pictures all. Day. He IS getting big, but it is amazing still how tiny he is, too. I look at the picture of Adam holding Jace’s bottle and I see that Adam’s thumb is about as big as Jace’s entire right hand! I also noticed the adorable little infant hand, spread out wide, in the hooded towel picture. OMG, he is going to be a piano player, for sure. Big hands! I ALSO noticed a little 5 o’clock shadow on Adam in that picture and whoa, dude…what a handsome daddy! I hope you guys are both getting some sleep. Looks like Jace is keeping everyone very busy. Good Boy!!!! Love you all so much.

  3. I love that even though I’m super far away, your blog/website/posts/pictures makes me feel a little bit closer!!

    You two have such great mommy and daddy tales already!! I love it!

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